Best Wall Mount Range Hood- Reviews & Rating

Are you Looking for the best wall mount range hood? that can help you vent smoke and fumes. which are massively dangerous to your health, and wanna improve the quality of air in the kitchen then

Keep scrolling, Here we have a listed top rated wall mounted range hoods of 2021 that help you to get rid of indoor air pollutants from your kitchen 

What is Wall-mount Range Hood?

Wall mount range hoods are the latest version of classic chimneys to make your kitchen smoke and scent-free in minutes with revolutionary design and new technology. It does not contain an upper cabinet in the way.

Having the perfect wall mount range hood in your kitchen can easily counter this issue, providing you a fresh and hygienic environment for cooking.

We will list down some of the best range hoods along with their features and buying guide in this comprehensive best wall mount range hood reviews 2021, which will help you make a well-informed decision. Let’s dig in!

Our Top Picks of Wall-mount Range Hood 

Best Overall:🏆 Kitchen STL75-LED: Wall Mount Rangehood

Best Budget: Cavaliere sv218b2: Ductless Range Hood

Best Value: Winflo Convertible: Best Under Cabinet Hood

6 Best Wall-mount Range Hood 2021 Reviews 

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED: Best Wall Mount Range Hood

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED

For over 20 years, the Kitchen Bath Collection has been developing and importing designer kitchen, dining, and bathroom items.

They deliver beautiful designs and premium features to consumers at an affordable cost that can’t be matched elsewhere.

If you are looking for a high-quality wall mount range hood for your modern kitchen, then the STL75 by Kitchen Bath Collection will impress you with its robust construction and stunning appearance.

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED

It consists of a 2-piece chimney with smooth curved corners to make your kitchen look appealing.

This rugged unit is made of 304 stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and ensures long-lasting performance. STL75 boasts a flexible aluminum duct connected to the wall or ceiling, which aids in proper ventilation.

Also, to further enhance this product’s elegance, the Kitchen Bath Collection has crafted it to have no noticeable welded seam on any of the three sides of the chimney.

The STL75 has an extremely efficient 412 CFM UL-certified motor, which can efficiently suck all the contaminants from your kitchen to keep it fresh and odor-free.

And as the filters are dishwasher-safe, minimizes all the cleaning troubles. This Range hood comes with three-speed settings to operate it according to the requirements.

Moreover, at 58 decibels, it is a silent machine, and when it runs, you won’t be able to hear any noise. Besides that, you can simply insert a carbon filter kit in it for converting this to a ductless ventilation hood.

The control panel of STL75 is a feather touch system with built-in lights, while the LCD is indeed what makes it easier to monitor and function brilliantly.

You can conveniently control the power button, fan speed, timer, and lights merely with a finger’s touch. This wall mount range hood features two high-end LED lights with 49 bulbs each, to help you cook in low light conditions. STL75 comes with a 1-year defect warranty from the manufacturer.

Please bear in mind that using the product with an incompatible stove might negate your guarantee.

All in all, STL75, with its beautiful design and excellent performance, is perfect for adding Wow-factor to your modern kitchen.

  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Led Lights With 3x Brightness
  • Three-Speed Setting
  • 2-Piece Adjustable Chimney Included
  • Allows Ventless Installation
  • Flexible Aluminum Duct for Installation
  • Aluminum Micro-Cell Grease Filters
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction & Ul-Certified Motor


Range Hood Weight:35 Pounds.
Wattage:218 Watts.
Rated Voltage:110 Volts
Dimensions:30 x 20 x 28 Inches
Duct Diameter:6 Inches
Maximum Noise:58 dB
Warranty:1 Year.
  • Stunning look with robust construction
  • High-end design without and visible welds and joints
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Low sound even at the highest speed
  • Dishwasher friendly filters
  • Reasonable price
  • Very bright LED lights
  • Metal sheet is a little thin

STL75 by Kitchen Bath Collection is one of the best wall mount range hoods in the market. It has a significant three-speed fan to quickly stop the spread of the odor and smoke, bright LED lights to light up your cooking area, and mounted with or without a vent.

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Cavaliere sv218b2: Ductless Range Hood


Cavaliere is a pioneer of advanced kitchen technology and has been around for quite some time now. It has successfully manufactured range hoods of all varieties; insert models, island hoods, and wall-mounted hoods.

The Cavaliere SV218B2 range hood is undoubtedly the perfect ventilation system for your kitchen if you’re looking for the best wall mount ductless range hood. With its revolutionary design and smart technology, it is designed to deliver optimum efficiency.

Let’s look more closely at this hood to see if it suits you.

Cavaliere sv218b2

This beautifully designed range hood allows an efficient airflow and a hygienic kitchen environment with an aesthetic look.

Constructed from 19-gage brushed stainless steel, the quality of construction is above and beyond your expectation, and has given this unit a sturdy and stunning appearance.

While the weight of a wall mount range hood is of little concern because it stays static on the kitchen wall throughout, the size of the unit makes a huge difference.

Cavaliere sv218b2 has a size of 30-Inches so that every kitchen can comfortably accommodate it.

Cavaliere sv218b2 is packed with a powerful dual-chamber motor capable of producing an airflow of up to 900 CFM, which is adequate for any big kitchen.

The strong ventilation system removes all of the kitchen’s grease, airborne particles, smoke, and bad smells. This range hood operates at six different speed levels to select your preferred speed as needed.

The noise generated by the range hood is the by-product of its too high CFM. However, the variable speed setting comes in handy because you can minimize the noise by selecting a lower fan speed.

The Cavaliere sv218b2 employs two aluminum mesh filters to capture unwanted pollutants and particles. These filters are easy to maintain as they are dishwasher-safe; you should frequently clean them for optimum performance. Besides, you can also add a carbon filter to turn it into a ductless range hood.

Cavaliere wall mount range hood is relatively easy to operate. It comes with an electronic control system with an LCD that enables the user to control halogen lights, fan speeds with a timer function, a delayed power shut off, and a cleaning reminder.

Overall, the pyramid design with an enticing tall telescopic chimney and a robust ventilation system serves to make it our top contender for the best wall mounted range hood 2020.

  • 19-Gauge Brushed Stainless-Steel Design
  • Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • Electronic Control Panel with LCD
  • Dimmable 35-Watt Halogen Lights
  • Six-Speed Settings
  • Auto Timer Option
  •  1-15-Minute Programmable Delayed Power Shut-Off
  • 30-Hour Cleaning Reminder


Range Hood Weight:39.6 Pounds
Wattage:218 Watts.
Light Bulb Wattage:35 Watts
Rated Voltage:110 Volts
Dimensions:29.5 x 19.1 x 43.4 Inches
Duct Diameter:6 Inches
Maximum Noise:58 dB
Warranty:5 Years.
  • Powerful airflow to capture unwanted pollutants and smells
  • Cleans air very quickly
  • Programmable shut-off and timer
  • Cleaning reminder
  • Dishwasher-safe filters
  • Affordable price range
  • Can be converted into a ductless range hood
  • Carbon filters not included in the package
  • Light too blue

This range hood is a wonderful combination of exceptional components and advanced technology. Because of its usability, aesthetics, and compatibility with the kitchen environment, Cavaliere SV218B2 30 Wall Mount Range Hood is one of the top choices.

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Winflo Convertible: Best Under Cabinet Hood


No matter how great a chef you are, now and then, things go wrong on the cooktop. Hence it is imperative to have a ventilation system in the kitchen to keep the place odor and smoke-free.

The Winflo convertible wall-mount stainless steel kitchen range hood is extraordinarily innovative and features a top-of-line aluminum mesh filter. If you are renovating or thinking of an upgrade, read our Winflo range hood review.


The Winflo range hood is constructed from premium class stainless steel, which not only gives it an exquisite appearance but also makes it durable and easy to clean.

The stainless-steel body on Winflo is marked from a thin stock, which makes it very lightweight and not too heavy on the wall.

This range hood comes with three different filter styles, including mesh filters, baffle filters, and stainless-steel panels, so that you can choose whichever type you prefer.

The Winflo can either be ducted to the outside or placed with filters. Exterior ducting ensures optimal ventilation and minimal hazard of carbon monoxide.

However, if your kitchen does not allow exterior ducting, the exhaust is designed to install carbon filters for proper ventilation. The filters will remove almost all of the smoke and other pollutants, leaving you with fresher and cleaner air. Moreover, the chimney of the Winflo is adjustable to accommodate for varying ceiling heights.

The Winflo range hood boasts a powerful 200 CFM mechanism with three-speed fan settings. The Winflo is equipped with integrated LED lights, much like most modern range hoods, to brighten your cooking area.

Despite its powerful operation, it keeps the noise level below 65db at high speeds. Furthermore, conventional push-button control is a breeze for switching and changing various modes; power, fan speed, and lighting.

For instant installation, all supplies like mounting hardware, flexible ductwork, and damper are also included in the package.

Overall, it is one of the best convertible range hoods that look pretty and also work efficiently. Also, the Winflo convertible is ETL approved and comes at a very attractive price.

  • Premium Stainless-Steel Construction
  • 3-Speed Fan Settings
  • Push Button Control for Power, Fan Speed and Light
  • Removable Dishwasher Safe Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • 2 Bright Energy Saving Soft White LED Lights
  • Adjustable and Telescoping Chimney
  • Noise Level Less Than 65db At High Speed
  • ELT Certified


Range Hood Weight:21 Pounds.
Light Bulb Wattage:2 Watts
Rated Voltage:110 Volts
Dimensions:19.21 x 29.5 x 36.22 Inches
Duct Diameter:6 Inches
Sones:56 dB
Warranty:3 Years.
  • High-quality and durable construction
  • Adjustable chimney
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Included installation manual and hardware
  • Convertible ducting system
  • Strong blower to keep air clean
  • Quiet operation
  • Led lights are too blue
  • Lightweight material; is prone to damage

If you need a fresh, clean, and smoke-free kitchen at an affordable price range, this Winflo range hood comes to your rescue. With its powerful suction and minimal operating noise, refreshing and odor-free cooking space is guaranteed.

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Cosmo 668WRCS75: Best Island Hood


Cosmo Appliances, the latest icon in luxury kitchen appliances, is rapidly becoming a champion in developing quality products by integrating performance, innovation, and design to improve the modern-day kitchen.

Regarding top-rated range hoods on Amazon, Cosmo has remarkably risen among the ranks with its Amazon’s Choice Cosmo 668WRCS75 range hood.

Cosmo 668WRCS75

This 30-inchs rangeong hood has a beautiful European style and is made of stainless steel and tempered glass, making it an eye-catching range hood.

Cosmo 668WRCS75 features permanent Cosmo ARC-FLOW stainless steel filters to quickly trap all of your kitchen’s oil and grease. Furthermore, this device is a breeze to clean.

With a soapy damp cloth, you can easily wipe the body of the hood, and to clean the filters, just take them out from the hood, and put them in the dishwasher.

Cosmo 668WRCS75 has an extremely efficient 380 CFM motor, which can quickly suck all the contaminants from your kitchen to keep it fresh and odor-free. This range hood comes with three-speed settings to operate it according to the kitchen requirements.

Moreover, at 65 decibels, it is a silent machine, and when it runs, you won’t be able to hear any annoying noise. The tempered glass design of Cosmo 668WRCS75 makes it suitable for all modern kitchen designs.

However, while it is a ducted range hood, if your kitchen does not allow exterior ducting, the exhaust is designed to install carbon filters for ductless ventilation.

With a handy touch control panel, it is as convenient to regulate the three-speed settings, lights, and power as pressing a simple button. You can choose from a low, medium, and high suction option to eliminate all the fumes, harmful pollutants, and smells from the kitchen air and ensure a hygienic environment.

The Cosmo 668WRCS75 unit is provided with two bright 2-Watts LED lights to brighten up your kitchen to cook easily in the dark. Moreover, this unit ships with five years of manufacturer’s warranty to further enhance its reliability.

In short, Cosmo 668WRCS75 incorporates curved glass and stainless steel to create the ideal centerpiece for any contemporary kitchen with the capability of maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment.

  • Premium 430 Grade & 20-Gauge Thickness Stainless-Steel
  • Permanent Arc-Flow Filters
  • LCD Touch Control Panel
  • Three Speed Settings
  • Energy-Efficient Led Lights
  • Optional Carbon Filter Kit
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Beautiful European Design


Range Hood Weight:46.5 Pounds.
Wattage:200 Watts
Light Bulb Wattage:2 Watts
Rated Voltage:120 Volts
Dimensions:18.5 x 30 x 39.2 Inches
Duct Diameter:6 Inches
Maximum Noise:65 dB
Warranty:5 Years Limited.
  • Stunning architecture with durable construction
  • Easy to operate touch control system
  • High suction power for the clean and fresh kitchen environment
  • Energy-saving lighting to lit up your cooking space
  • Easily convertible to the ductless range hood
  • Multiple fan settings to suit your requirements
  • Little noisy than other models

Indeed, it is one of the best 30-inch wall mount range hood units by Cosmo that comes with impressive features, high-tech design, robust construction, and efficient suction rate. Although it is a little loud at its full speed, however, given its price and other attributes, it is our top choice.

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EKON Wall Mount Range Hood: Indoor Air Pollutant

EKON Wall Mount Range Hood

EKON is a relatively new name on the market and has been manufacturing high-end range hoods since 2010. The brand promises to deliver creative design, strict quality assurance, and professional customer service; thus, all EKON range hoods can provide a clean and hygienic kitchen environment.

The EKON Wall Mount Range Hood 30″ is a high-quality kitchen hood that is versatile and built with great functionalities to help make cooking convenient and manageable.

EKON Wall Mount Range Hood

Constructed of premium quality 19-gauge stainless steel, the EKON range hood ensures unprecedented durability to regularly face the challenges that can arise from your kitchen.

This wall-mounted unit boasts a pyramid shape with a perfect finish to complement your modern kitchen’s elegance.

This range hood is available in two size variants capable of working as ductless ventilation without any additional accessories.

The high-efficiency double-blower motor can generate up to 900 CFM of airflow, controlled with four different fan speeds. Surprisingly, the EKON wall mount range hood’s powerful motor operates quietly at only 65DB on maximum speed setting to provide a pleasant working atmosphere.

EKON’s filtration system comprises three permanent baffle filters made of stainless steel that are extremely easy to clean. Clean them with warm soapy water and a sponge, or just put them in a dishwasher to keep catching smoke and pollutants for an extended period. Frequent cleaning will keep them up and running for years to come.

It has a sophisticated touch LCD control panel to control 4-speed settings, automatic delayed power shutdown, and lights. It also features an adjustable timer to enhance the user’s convenience further.

Remote control is also provided with the package to control the unit from far away. Besides, EKON’s LED lights are luminous enough to light up your cooking area while also saving energy.

The EKON wall mount range hood comes with a generous 10-year motor warranty and 5-year LCD panel and LED light warranty.

Overall, with its unique features and competitive pricing, this range hood certainly has our hearts.

  • Flexible Aluminum Duct Vent Hose
  • 4-Speeds Control
  • Permanent Baffle Filters
  •  1-9 Minutes Adjustable Timer
  • Touch Control Panel with Remote Control
  • 19-Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Two-Piece Adjustable Chimney


Range Hood Weight:63.9 Pounds.
Wattage:230 Watts
Light Bulb Wattage:2 Watts
Rated Voltage:120 Volts
Dimensions:29.5 x 19.68 x 42.5 Inches
Duct Diameter:6 Inches
Maximum Noise:65 dB
Warranty:10 Years Motor/ 5 Years LCD/LED.
  • Powerful suction system
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Built to suit every kitchen
  • Bright LED lights
  • Dishwasher safe filters
  • Generous warranty
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to install

EKON wall mount range hood is an impressive machine with incredible suction capacity. It also makes your kitchen look more elegant as it has a beautiful finish and includes loads of innovative features. [/su_note]

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DKB Range Hood 30 Inch: Stainless Steel Wall Mount

DKB Range Hood 30 Inch

The next one on our Best Wall Mount Range Hood series is the DKB Range Hood 30 Inch for its brilliant performance and innovative features.

Thanks to the premium stainless-steel body with a brushed finish, this range hood comes with an elegant and up-to-date appearance. It is also one of the best seller products and has earned many positive reviews from people worldwide.

DKB Range Hood 30 Inch

DKB 30-Inch is crafted from commercial-grade stainless-steel to keep up with heavy-duty cleaning for keeping your kitchen free of smoke and smell.

The unit has a sophisticated brushed finish and sleek silhouette to make it look more elegant and blend in well with your kitchen theme. The body of the range hood is rustproof as well as non-magnetic, thus easy to clean with a damp cloth.

DKB wall mount hood protects you from the hassle of drilling holes on your precious kitchen walls since it is a convertible one.

DKB 30-inch has an efficient exhaust system with a single-chamber centrifugal motor of 600 CFM to effectively blow out strong odors, pollutants, and grease.

It is a reasonably wide range hood, designed to cover your cooking area completely. Also, the included stainless-steel filters are dishwasher-friendly. Thus, without too much effort and trouble, you can clean them for better performance.

The pre-programmed cleaning reminder will alert you whenever there is a need for cleaning so that it stays in the cleanest possible state.

The DKB wall mount range hood boasts a push-button control panel with an LCD screen that allows you to change different vent hood functions such as six fan speed settings, power control, and lights.

Two 35-Watts halogen bulbs are also mounted on the hood to brighten up your cooking area. In addition, DKB is offering a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty with a 30-day hassle-free refund policy on all its products to gain consumer confidence.

Entirely in line with the latest style that blends in with most modern kitchens, DKB 30-Inch will keep your kitchen and its equipment tidy and healthy.

  • Commercial-Grade Construction
  • Heavy-Duty 19 Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel Design
  •  Single Chamber Centrifugal Motor
  • Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • Push-Button Control Panel With LCD Display
  • Adjustable Halogen Light Bulbs
  • Adjustable Chimney Vent
  • Automatic Cleaning Reminder
  • Six-Level Fan Speed


Range Hood Weight:44 Pounds.
Wattage:218 Watts
Light Bulb Wattage:35 Watts
Rated Voltage:120 Volts
Dimensions:29.5 x 19.7 x 43.4 Inches
Duct Diameter:6 Inches
Maximum Noise:65 dB
Warranty:5 Years Limited
  • Durable, rust-proof, non-magnetic build
  • Automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Powerful suction power to keep your kitchen clean
  • Easy to install
  • Auto cleaning reminder for optimal performance
  • ontrol panel is prone to damage
  • Manual not quite clear

The DKB Range Hood is a perfect kitchen ventilation system that acts as both an exhaust fan and your stove’s overhead light. It keeps your kitchen free from toxic pollutants, smells, and grease with its six-speed motor and powerful blower of 600 CFM.

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Buying Guide

With the advancement in science and smart home systems, kitchen appliances are also improving in technology. Today, there is a wide and diverse variety of kitchen appliances, and the same is applicable for range hoods.

When we talk about wall mount range hoods, they vary significantly in designs, construction quality, performance, and suction capabilities, so making decisions is very difficult.

Don’t worry, other than just reviewing the top-rated wall mount range hoods; we’ve also put together this thorough buying guide to help you to make the right decision.

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How to Select Best Wall Mount Range Hood for Your Modern Kitchen?

When it comes to the best wall mount range hoods, several aspects should be considered while making the purchase.

Suction Power:

For a range hood, the suction power is a feature that has paramount importance as it is primarily responsible for the purification of the air. It is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).  Kitchens that do a lot of cooking need to have a range hood of at least 350 CFM to pull out unwanted smoke and odor.

Some of the other factors to consider besides Suction Power are the hood’s size and minimum power associated with suction.


It will help if you decide whether to have a ductless hood or a downdraft hood. If you don’t yet have a built-in duct, then installing your new range hood will cost quite a lot. You may need to look at your budget for this purpose, and then consider the expenses that arise with both types of hoods.

Speed Settings:

The number of speed settings in your hood often determines how well it will operate. Most units usually have three-speed settings, but you may find hoods with two or more than four variable speeds.

Consumption Bill:

Electricity consumption can be a significant factor while considering a range hood, especially if you intend to run it for extended periods during the day. It is always advisable to check the Kilowatt Hour (kWh) value of the product before considering it for purchase.

Type of Filter:

Two of the common types of filters used in the Range Hoods are Aluminum-based and Carbon-based. While carbon-based filters offer better at filtering most dirt and toxic particles, Aluminum based filters can also contribute an adequate level of filtration besides being reusable and cleaning.

Lighting and Design:

Positions of Lighting and overall aesthetics play a crucial part in the overall cooking process. The lightning should cover the entire range and illuminate the kitchen up to a certain level. The style of the kitchen can add up to the value of the hood and vice versa.  

Noise Level:

Noise levels can depend upon the quality of the Range Hood; however, the average sound generated lies between 60 and 70 DBS. Additional modifications to your solution can further decrease sound levels, but they can come at the cost of increased spending and maintenance issues.


The range hood should never be bigger or smaller than the cooktop. An essential factor when you mount the range hood to the wall is the length and width of the new hood’s space. Conventional hoods are mostly between 30 to 42 inches wide. Whereas, island hoods and lift hoods have their variable sizes.


Contemporary wall mount range hoods typically include lights on all four sides to illuminate the cooking area as well as the surrounding shelves. Also, there are variants of strip lights on both the front and back of the unit.

The choices for lamps include LEDs, fluorescents, and halogens. To guarantee that your hood matches in with the rest of your kitchen, experts suggest that you select one that suits the ceiling lights of your kitchen.

Other Features:

Other features can include efficiency and compatibility tests such as: how many filters can be used in parallel to get the best filtration or how much time the max power suction takes to clean the air inside the kitchen and the acoustics linked with this operation.

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1. How often should filters of wall mount range hoods have to be cleaned?

Although the instruction manual included with the wall mount range hood advises how and when to clean the filters. However, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly clean the filters at least twice a year for optimum efficiency.

2. What is the minimum duct size for a wall mount range hood?

The minimum duct size that the wall mount hood needs are about 6 Inches. High-performance hoods, however, need wider ducts, up to 10 inches in diameter. Before making your decision, study your hood requirements as the duct diameter largely impacts the hood’s performance.

3. What is a convertible wall mount range hood?

A convertible range hood is a hood that can be turned from ducted to the ductless hood by attaching a recirculating kit into it. The kit purifies the air coming from your kitchen with the help of carbon filters.

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Final Verdict

The editor’s choice for the Best Wall Mount Range Hood is STL75-LED by Kitchen Bath Collection. It has an effective three-speed fan to quickly stop the spread of the odor and smoke, bright LED lights to light up your cooking area, and can be mounted with or without a vent.

We definitely love to recommend the EKON Wall Mount Range Hood in our Value for the money category. Constructed from premium quality stainless steel, it is a high-quality range hood that is versatile and built with great functionalities to help make cooking convenient and manageable.

Our pick is no other than the Winflo Convertible for the best cheap wall mount range hood. With its powerful suction and minimal operating noise, refreshing and odor-free cooking space is guaranteed.

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