Grind meat in Blender? – Need to Know How To Blend Meat

If you are a newbie and you do not have a grinder or chopper to grind meat. Then you should know some ways or machines through which you can quickly grind meat. Using a blender for grinding meat for your favorite food is another convenient method. The output depends on the quality and performance of the blender you are using for grinding meat in a blender.

In this article, we will assist you on how you can blend meat in a blender and several other fun facts about blending meat. So let‚Äôs get started. ūüôā¬†

How to blend meat in a blender? 

Blending meat is the most accessible alternative to grinding meat. Blender is the basic necessity of every house so we can use it in other ways as well. In these ways you can also count grinding or blending meat. Then let’s just move towards how you can blend meat in the blender conveniently. 

Step by Step Preparation of Meat before Blending 

Before blending meat, you have to prepare it. For making meat, you must have to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Cut the meat in smaller chunks so that the blending process becomes fast without damaging your blender. 
  2. After converting meat into chunks, cover it with foil paper and put the chunks in the freezer for a few hours. 
  3. No need to marinate the meat before blending. You do not even need to put anything on meat for blending. Just cut it, put it in the freezer and then blend it. 
  4. After blending according to the desired consistency, now you can do whatever you want to do with it. 

Can you Blend Cooked Meat?

Yes! You can cook meat before blending. It will not impose much difference in it. But it would be great if you blend meat before cooking as it will not dry it out and the moisture of meat remains perfect. But if you are willing to blend it after cooking then follow the same procedure as we have mentioned for raw meat but add a few tablespoons of water so that the moisture of meat does not vanish. 

How to Fix Water Content of Meat?

Usually, when you cook meat, it becomes dry, and it becomes difficult to blend the dry meat for fixing the water content or toughness of the flesh. You should add a few tablespoons of water in it while the meat is blending. You can also change the speed settings of the blender to get the desired consistency. 

Best Blenders for Grinding Meat 

Vitamix PRO 750 is the best blender for grinding or blending meat. This is a commercial blender with a powerful motor base and extremely sharp blades. Due to these properties, it not only helps in preparing several dishes, but it also contributes a lot to blending meat. 

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of this vitamix PRO 750 commercial blender

Pros of Vitamix PRO 750

  • Large container helps to accommodate several ingredients in it.
  • Extremely powerful motors and sharp blades help you to blend or grind anything in it.¬†
  • It can serve you in multiple ways¬†
  • Professional look and lifetime warranty¬†

Cons of Vitamix PRO 750

  • It is challenging to find the quietest blender, Vitamix is also one of the noisy blenders.¬†
  • As compared to other blenders for juicing this Vitamix pro 750 is somehow pricey.¬†
  • Due to motor size, this blender is relatively massive than other products¬†
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Best Meat for Blending 

Sirloin is going to be the best meat for blending. As it is a low fat meat and for blending you need to discard the fat content as it could be damaging for your blender. But while cooking, you will find this meat a bit dry which can be managed by adding beef with it. However, it is the best choice for you if you do not have a grinder, but you need to grind meat in a blender. 

Fat Content in Meat

For blending meat, you need to discard the fat content as it could get stuck with the blades and could be damaging for the working capacity of your blender. Plus it will be hazardous for your health as well. This will also make the cleaning process of blender troublesome. 

A Few Considerations for Blending Meat

Quality of a Blender

For blending meat, you should have a better quality blender under budget. The capacity of your blender is the most crucial factor. If the motor of the blender is not that powerful, then you could not blend the meat.

Type of Meat

Then you should know the type and quality of the meat you are using. This will help you in finding a perfect blender for this purpose. 

Sharpness of Blades

The sharpness of the blades is another factor that you have to consider while blending the meat. 

Brightsides of Blending Meat

Blending ground meat is healthier than the one you bought from the supermarket. It is the best way to control the quality of your flesh. These are the main reasons why blending meat at home is better. 


You will never know how to clean the grinders and food processing plants in the market. But you can control the cleanliness of your blender. So it is the best thing for your health to buy a piece of meat and grind it at home by using the methods described above. 


The meat you bought from the store could be grey looking, or it lacks in flavour because it is placed in the shop for several hours. So it is the best thing to purchase fresh meat and blend it at home on your own. 


Blending meat at home costs you less than the ground meat you bought from the market. 


You can maintain the appearance of your meat. As you are doing it on your own, so you know it better than at which consistency you need to stop blending it. 

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