How to Make Smoothies In a Blender ( Step by Step Guide)

People usually do not find it easy to make smoothies. It might be because they do not know the ingredients or they might not have a perfect blender for it.

So check our reviews for getting the best blender for juices or for smoothies. Smoothie making is not at all difficult, you only need to have knowledge about mixing ingredients and a perfect blending machine.

Without wasting a single second let’s move towards the recipes and a few key points about blenders you should consider for making smoothies. 🙂 

Factors to Consider Before Making Healthy smoothies in a blender

Before making smoothies, you should know what to consider for making the best smoothie to satisfy your taste buds. Here are some of the most crucial ones. 

Crucial Features for making Smoothies

As we have already discussed that smoothie making is not challenging only if you know some key features of things required in making smoothies. Here we go with the first one. 

Blender’s power

When you are making smoothies in a blender , your blender should be powerful enough to blend every kind of ingredient within seconds.

As everyone loves to have velvety smoothie so the chunks might destroy all your mood. For this, your blender’s motor should be extremely powerful with sharp and sturdy blades.

Knowledge about ingredients 

Most people do not know the impact of each ingredient while mixing it in making smoothies. So it is suggested to know about the ingredients that you are going to add in your smoothie to get an amazing combination of flavours. 


The ingredients that you are using for making smoothies are already sweet. So it is suggested to not to use sweet milk in smoothies.

But if you are a more sweet lover then it would not be wrong to use sweetened milk. Smoothie has no hard and fast rules hence you can do whatever you want to do with your smoothie. 

Frozen ingredients 

It is best to use frozen ingredients for making smoothies. As it will help you to achieve the best taste and you do not need to put ice in it. But if you love to have more frozen or chilled drinks then you can add ice cubes in it. 

Innovative ideas

Use your creativity for making smoothies. No need to opt for conventional methods and recipes. Do it by yourself. Add whatever you want to add in your smoothies and enjoy them to the fullest. 

Make it simple 

Do not complicate making smoothies. Make it simple and easy so that you can enjoy all the flavors you have added in the smoothie. This would be the best thing to do as it will make it easy for you to blend smoothies plus you can enjoy every flavor of it. 

The Best Eight Smoothies Recipes 

Here are the eight best smoothies that you should make and try atleast once in your life. The recipes are given below make sure to try them once. 

Rich Green Smoothie

As the name elaborates this green smoothie is made with all the green ingredientes you love. Here we will talk about a few of them.

You can use spinach or any other green veggie that you like in your smoothie. For making this rich green smoothie you need to add curd, banana, any other fruit, honey and any green veggie in the blender and blend it until the desired thickness is achieved.

Winter Special Orange Smoothie

Although winter is not great for having frosty smoothies in it. But if you are a smoothie lover then you can freeze oranges too for enjoying its flavors in summer as well. 

Make sure that your blender is of high quality as it has to blend frozen oranges. Some ingredients are the same as above. You need bananas, honey, curd and oranges. Blend them well to get a velvety texture and enjoy. 

You can check out the best blenders for frozen fruits if willing to blend frozen fruits and enjoy the flavors of every fruit

Choco Lover Smoothie

Several people especially girls love chocolates and why not they use chocolate in smoothies as well. So here we are with the yummiest combo of peanut butter and chocolate.

Take bananas, curd, honey unsweetened milk if required then add chocolate as much as you want and in the last add peanut butter and ice. Blend it well and enjoy your mouth-watering chocolate peanut butter smoothie. 

Banana and Peanut Butter Combo 

Another simplest smoothie recipe is here in our list. Without wasting your time let’s begin with the recipe and ingredients you need to follow the recipe.

Add bananas, peanut butter, curd, honey and unsweetened milk in the blender and blend all the ingredients well until they combine to form a thick velvety paste. Pour it in a mug and enjoy your smoothie. 

Pina Colada Special 

People love pina colada in summer so let’s try it in a new way. Let’s make a pina colada smoothie. For this you need frozen bananas, pineapple chunks, coconut milk and honey for taste. Blend all the ingredients well, pour it in the mug and enjoy your creativity. 

Magnificent Red Smoothie

For making red smoothies, you can use any red veggie or fruit. But it would be great if you choose strawberry. Take a blender, add frozen bananas and strawberry in it.

Then add honey, curd and unsweetened milk. Now blend it until you get the desired consistency. And you are done. 

Exceptional Mocha Smoothie 

Just like chocolates, there are several coffee lovers are also out there. So for them here is the special coffee smoothie. Add bananas (frozen), coffee powder, cocoa powder, honey, unsweetened milk and curd. Blend it well and enjoy your mocha smoothie. 

Mixed Berry Smoothie

For this, you need to freeze all the berries and then you will achieve the desired flavours. Same as other recipes, take a few frozen bananas, curd, honey, unsweetened milk and mixed berries. Blend all the ingredients well and have your mixed berry smoothie. 

These are all those smoothies that you should learn so that you have flavorful and mouth-watering smoothies in the end. All you need to do is to follow any of the above-mentioned recipes and the result will be in front of you. 🙂

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