How to use a tea kettle in Right Way

According to the research, almost two billion people drink tea every morning throughout the world. Indeed, you are one of them, that is why you are here. But here the important thing is to make flavors enriched tea by using the kettle in the right way. In this aspect, we are going to help you.

We will assist you and elaborate on an easy way to use a tea kettle.  Let’s start without wasting a single second, as we can’t wait to enjoy our delicious tea. 

Method to use a tea kettle in the right way

There are several ways in which you can use a tea kettle. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of tea kettles as well. So it’s usage depends on its type. Here we will describe a few examples and ways to use them to make flavorsome tea. 

How to use a conventional tea kettle on the stove?

If you are a beginner and do not even know how to switch on the stove, here we are to give you a quick recipe for making fantastic tea using a kettle. Follow these steps sequentially and enjoy your tea with some healthy snacks. 🙂

  1. Fill the tea kettle with filtered water, do not use tap water. 
  2. Put the tea kettle on the stove and turn the stove on. 
  3. When water starts boiling in the tea kettle, you will feel it by the noise of water 
  4. Turn off the stove and remove the kettle from the stove with the help of a potholder.
  5. Put tea leaves, milk, and sugar in the cup and pour water
  6. Mix it well, and enjoy your tea. 

How to use a whistling tea kettle?

Using a whistling tea kettle is the most straightforward method. One can conveniently use it. It is the best product if you are multitasking or having an issue of forgetting everything. Follow these steps and have your tea. 🙂 

  1. Make sure your kettle is clean and the nob(whistling nob is free from residue)
  2. Fill it with water.
  3. Please put it on the stove and let the water boil
  4. When water starts boiling the nob will rise, and you will hear a whistle
  5. After your kettle starts whistling, go turn off the stove and remove the kettle from the stove. 
  6. Make tea according to your taste, and enjoy your evening with this amazing tea. 

How to use an electric kettle

Electric kettles are mostly used in offices, hostels, and homes as well. This is the simple thing to use while working or when you are busy. Follow these steps to have mouthwatering and refreshing tea in your hectic routine. 

  1. Fill the electric kettle until the marked line on the kettle; if you fill it to the top or keep it half-filled, it can damage the kettle. 
  2. If the kettle comes with temperature settings, then maintain it first and then move towards the next step
  3. Let the water boil, till then, let’s make your cups ready for tea. 
  4. Put a tea bag or tea leaves, milk, and sugar in the cup. Plus, wait for the water to get boiled. 
  5. When the water gets boiling, the electric kettle will automatically turn off. 
  6. Pour the water in the cup, mix it well, and enjoy. 

Can you put the tea kettle in the microwave oven?

No, It would not be the best choice to make tea using this method as it would not be healthy and tasty at all. So the best option is to make tea on the stove using a tea kettle, but if you are in the office or at your workspace, then for the electric kettle. 

A few safety tips for using a tea kettle 

Although you are now well aware of using tea kettle in the right way, you need to know some precautionary tips while using a tea kettle. Here are some of those;

  • Never leave the kettle unattended on the stove especially when you live with children
  • Please keep your pets, and birds away from tea kettle because it has PTFE coating that emits fumes. 
  • The aluminum kettle needs your attention as it will melt if you left it unattended
  • The copper bottom of the kettle could remove color if you allowed it to boil dry.
  • Never dray or slide the kettle on the stovetop 
  • Cleaning the kettle regularly will not only be best for your health, but it will also enhance the life of your kettle.

As we are now well aware of using different types of kettles. So we are confident about making tea and serving it to guests, family, and friends. Scroll above and find the way in which it would be best for you to make tea in a kettle. Plus, it would help if you never overlooked the precautionary measures that we have mentioned above for your safety as safety comes first than anything else. 

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