How to vent a Range Hood on an Interior Wall

Range hoods are mandatory in the kitchen for better air ventilation as it would help prevent your walls from reading and unpleasant smell as well. Hence, whenever you upgrade your kitchen, do not forget to vent a range hood on an interior wall. 

If you are making a new kitchen or renovating it, you must be worried about how to vent a range hood on an interior wall. For this scroll down and read thoroughly as we have elaborated the method by following which you can vent a range hood on an interior wall ideally. So let’s get started. 🙂 

A Quick Method to Vent a Range Hood on an Interior Wall

As you are here to learn how to vent a range on an interior wall of the kitchen. So why not explain the method in the most natural way to make it a fun task for you. Also, you need to follow the steps sequentially to make sure everything is done correctly. 

Dispersing or unboxing of a range hood

For starting, you need to buy a range hood on top priority. Bring it home and then unbox it with great care. Carefully disperse every piece of it. Start reading the user manual, which you will get with the range hood. This will help you in understanding the parts of the vent hood and its installation. 

Dig a hole in the wall

So this is the technical part of the venting range hood. Here you need to pay attention and do it carefully; otherwise, you will end up messing everything. Check the places where there is a hole for screws. Then measure them, and precisely with that length and distance mark two points on the wall where you want to vent a range hood. 

Insert ventilation pipe or rubric

The next step is to insert a ventilation pipe on the wall and screw it tight. So that half of your work gets done, and you can now take a sigh of relief. 

Move towards installation

After installing the rubric, it’s time to fit a range hood. For installation, first, connect the electric wires by passing them through the rubric, make sure that wires are correctly connected with adequate length, not long and not short too. 

Then fix the earth cable and be mindful that it is also firmly connected. Fix the range hood on its place and tighten it with nuts.

Then put the wall cap and seal it properly. 

Lastly, the test that the range hood is fixed correctly in its place. If yes, then BRAVO! You have done a fantastic job. But if no, then repeat the steps. More power to you, man, you can surely do this well. 

Reinstitute electricity

As your rangehood is perfectly fitted at its place, so it’s time to reconnect the electricity. Ensure that your fan inside the range hood is working properly, and it is connected to the power. 

 Useful Tips to Vent a Range Hood on an Interior Wall

While purchasing and venting the range hood, it is recommended to opt for these tips so that you would be able to find the best range hood to vent on an interior wall. 

  • Please take all the necessary measurements before purchasing the range hood to buy a perfect size of it. 
  • It is highly suggested, you should be mindful that before doing any repair or renovation in the kitchen, you must unplug the electricity connectivity from the kitchen.
  • First, research about all the types of vent then figures out which one would be the perfect choice for your kitchen. 
  • You need to make sure that power consumption is evenly distributed, and there is no fluctuation of power. 
  • While venting the range hood, always take guidance from the user manual that you will get along with the range hood. 
  • The ducts of your kitchen must be air and watertight. Otherwise, you need to call a professional. 
  • Always go for steel ducting rather than plastic ones to avoid leakage. 
  • Insulation of your ducting is necessary; otherwise, all the venting range hood efforts will be in vain.

These were the tips that are crucial for you to follow while venting a range hood. Further, if you are still finding it difficult or facing any issue during venting, then you should immediately call a professional and let him do his work. This would be best if you get it done by a professional as it will not waste your time and destroy anything. 


A venting range hood is not that easy and not everyone’s cup of tea. Those can easily do this who are interested in making changes at their place. So for taking part in this, we have mentioned the method and a few pieces of tips for your assistance. Do not forget to follow them. Plus self care is necessary while doing anything in the kitchen or outside. So keep yourself utterly secured before doing this so that you remain protected while venting a range hood on an interior wall of your kitchen. 

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