What is a Good CFM for Range Hood – How many cfm do I need?

Ventilation is essential while working in the kitchen in front of the stove. For this, you need range hoods that are best used to vent out unpleasant odors and smoke by improving indoor air quality. and these exhaust fans are usually measured by finding the air space in which they rotate at a CFM(cubic feet per minute).

Although we cannot exactly bring you the best CFM for a range hood, we can help you with the buying guide to purchase a proper CFM for a range hood. This will also give you assistance about how many CFM do you need for your range hood. 

Things to Consider for Purchasing a Good CFM for Range Hood

A guide is mandatory while purchasing.  Suppose you are thinking of buying a good CFM for a range hood. First, you have a thorough knowledge of CFM and the essential things while purchasing a proper CFM for a range hood. 

Quality and size of the fan 

The functionality of a range hood is entirely dependent on the quality of the fan. You should go with the one that has better speed and wings. For a 12 inches wide stove, you are going to need 100 CFM of air. Then according to the width of your stove, multiply this calculation. 

Required ventilation for your kitchen 

When you think of purchasing a good CFM for a range hood, the necessary thing is to determine the width and length of your stove. As it is proportional to the size of the stove, you will measure it first and then opt for the better option. That is how you will get better ventilation in your kitchen without feeling exhausted. 

Noise range 

Always opt for that range hood, which is less noisy so that you can work in peace and enjoy your cooking. It is better to choose a larger range hood on which you can manage the fan and sound speed. 

Entanglement of range hood

You need ventilation to take off all the humidity, air, and unpleasant smell while cooking in the kitchen. For this, you must have a range hood with a proper hole to draw all the unwanted air and smells away from the kitchen. Hence you should choose a range hood with 300 CFM, but be mindful that it is somehow expensive. 

How many CFM do I need?

For knowing the amount of CFM you need in your kitchen, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps. These are calculation steps to ensure that you did not make any mistake in finding the best CFM for a range hood. 

  1. Measure the width and length of your stove, majorly focus on the width.
  2. According to the rule of thumb, you should have 100 CFM for every 12 inches wide stove. So measure your stove and then multiply the number of CFM for it.
  3. Then you need to measure the size of your kitchen in cubic feet. Ok, let’s do one for your ease. 

Suppose your kitchen is of 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 6 inches wider ceiling. Multiply three of the values and get the total size which would be: 1944 cubic feet

Now, Find out the number of air exchanges in your kitchen. It could be of any amount. Let’s suppose it’s 5. Multiply the size of the kitchen and air exchangers, and the answer would be: 9720 How many minutes are there in an hour? 60 minutes. Right? Divide the time by the total amount/ size we have calculated above.

The answer is 162 CFM. 

From the above calculation, it becomes clear that for this size of kitchen and air exchangers, you will need to have 162 CFM for a range hood. You can use this method with your kitchen measurements. 

  1. If you have a gas stove, you should know that you require a larger CFM for a range hood. Usually, stoves come with 5000-15000 BTU’s per burner.
  2. Let’s suppose we took 7000 BTU per burner, and the total would be 28000 according to the four burners. So divide the found BTU by 100, and you will get the CFM value. Hence for this reading, you require 280 CFM for a range hood.
  3. Again, according to the rule of thumb, if the elbow of ductwork is 25 inches each, you need 100 CFM.
  4. For final calculations, take all the CFM values you have calculated above and compare them with one another to find the largest value of all.
  5. Here according to our measurements, we have 280 CFM as the highest value. Add 100 to it. So 380 is the exact amount of CFM you need for a range hood. 

This was all for calculating the CFM and finding the best CFM for a range hood. These are the supposed calculations we took to make you understand the calculations. You can measure the size of your kitchen and stove and then put the values in the above-mentioned calculations to find the CFm value for a range hood in your kitchen. 

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